Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Et Tu Brute?


It comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes it's slight, other times it hits you like a 18 wheeler from the side - completely out of no where and shocking.

Regardless of how slight though, it still hits you. Hard. It still hurts. Badly. It stings and leaves you with a horrible feeling in the bottom of your stomach.

Today was one of those betrayal moments that has still left me rather shaken.

I don't like my business or my personal life being publicized by someone else regardless of whether my name is mentioned or not. If it's a specific enough situation then just about everyone will know who or what you are talking about. (i.e. my ex girlfriend of 5 months....)

What's worse is that this person didn't take the time to really think about what they were doing. They spouted off without taking into consideration that it would somehow get back to me. The original comment and all the comments that followed all got back to me. And it has left me feeling rather.....well, betrayed. The worst part is that I can't defend myself. Most of the comments were a bit snarky and judgemental, but not a single person knows me. Knows the situation. Knows the lies and deceit that led up to the whole thing unfolding. I can guarantee that if any of those people knew the real story, they would change their mind rather quickly.

I kind of feel sorry for the other girl that was not mentioned by name in this post too. I don't think she has any idea what was said about her. But again, enough details were given that it wouldn't be hard to figure out who was being talked about. Now every time she comments on a post or posts something on his wall she will be known as the "Facebook girlfriend who is married and lives 1200 miles away". I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't appreciate her business or emotions being told like that either.

Or maybe I'm just being oversensitive.

The plus side about betrayal is that it allows you to see some one's true colors. You are able to peel back the layers of BS that they cover themselves in to protect their real identity from being known. You get to see a situation and a person for what it is once those rose colored glasses have been removed.

At that point you have a decision to make. Do you continue down the road to the Theater of Pompey? Or, do you listen to that inner voice and simply walk away leaving it all behind you?

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  1. Colli, I know we don't really know each other, but I think we would be really great friends if we did. I'm going to get straight to the point. The next time he starts calling, texting, sweet talking... whatever.... Please go back, read this post, and remember how he has made you feel in the past (more than once). I don't think there is really a decision at this point. YOU deserve so much better; please don't sell yourself short. You are beautiful, caring, a grammar nazi, AND you LOVE weather!! I think we were twins separated at birth! Send me a message if you'd like. I know you will find someone worthy of your time. Chin up :)